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Moon sextile Uranus

Living it Up

Kelli Fox

You're more self-aware than usual, and you're feeling quite independent. Committing to a particular project or course of action isn't your strong point at the moment; instead, you want to keep your options open, because you sense something better just around the bend. And you should trust your instincts now, because they're humming.

Sure, your impulses are a little wacky at the moment; you're kind of here, there and all over the place in terms of your urges and your emotions. But this is a pleasant, fun sort of restlessness, not a destructive or difficult one. This is a great day to go out on the town with friends; you can lead the pack from one place to the next, and everyone will have a great time because you're not doing the same ol', same ol' for once! Instead, you're following where your instincts lead you, and you're likely to run into something interesting -- or someone. At work, put your creative outlook to good use on a project, but don't expect yourself to be very nose-to-the-grindstone today. At the moment, you're not terribly focused; your current strength is in exploring possibilities. Your focus will return in a day or two, when this energy passes.

Moon sextile Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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