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Moon sextile Sun

Acting on Opportunities

Kelli Fox

You're in the flow today. Things go smoothly for you. This should be a day of warmth and inner comfort; you're feeling sensitive in the best way, turned on and tuned in to the world around you.

This is the kind of day that you could walk outside and enjoy the weather, no matter what the weather is -- rain or shine, cool or warm! You'll just feel all the positive energy of the universe infusing your soul with a sense of purpose and excitement. This would be a fine day to initiate a business or social contact, or to plan a team meeting at work. You're not only tuned in to the universe; you're also tuned in to other people on an emotional level, so you're able to connect in a way that makes them feel great. And they'll definitely return the favor later -- not that that's your aim. You're giving out good vibes for free today, with no expectation of reciprocal treatment. Your instincts are also strong now, so pay attention to opportunities that come your way. They could lead you to something really special, but you need to be alert to them, and responsive. The opportunities will not fulfill themselves: It takes your effort to make them real.

Moon sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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