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Moon sextile Saturn

Advice of the Elders

Kelli Fox

Silly, impulsive decisions aren't your style today, because your logic and emotions are working together in harmony instead of against each other, as so often happens. For the moment, you're all about feeling things out and finding the safe bet. At work, this is a real boon, because you won't take any unnecessary risks.

Your boss will be especially happy with your performance, because you'll inspire a feeling of confidence in everyone around you. Furthermore, your sober, sensible mood will attract others on the same wavelength, so this is a great day to pull together a team of like-minded people to work together on a project. This would also be an excellent day to seek business or practical advice from an elder or an expert in your field. Your mind is open and you're hungry for knowledge, and your boss or other associate will be impressed by your sincere, hardworking attitude, and your willingness to learn. Projects that you begin today have a good chance of going far, because they're getting such a firm and dedicated start.

Moon sextile Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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