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Moon sextile Neptune

Humming Intuition

Kelli Fox

There's one word to describe you today: sweet. Oh, wait, there's two, and the second one is 'psychic.' That's right, you're especially tuned in to the world around you today, and you're feeling soft and compassionate. For this reason, it's very important that you're careful about who you spend time with now.

Get together with trusted, well-loved friends; avoid people who are too negative, because they'll end up making you feel bad. Your emotions are right at the surface now, and they're highly susceptible to whatever or whoever is closest to you. But if you stick with positive people that you love, you'll have a wonderful day. Your intuitions are running high, so if a friend is having trouble and needs a caring shoulder to lean on, you'll pick up on that and you'll want to provide it. You're highly nurturing and caring under the current influence -- that's where that 'sweet' part comes in. You're also full of fantasies and daydreams, so if you can find some time today to get away, drawing, painting and creative writing would all be great ways to get your fantasies out into concrete form.

Moon sextile Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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