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Moon sextile Mercury

Flowing Conversation

Kelli Fox

Conversation flows today. Your phones will be ringing off the hook, your inbox will be full -- everyone seems to want a little piece of you! And for today, you're up for it.

Sometimes, too much busy communication can make you want to crawl under a rock, but today your energy is up and you're able to connect and network smoothly with the people around you. This is a great day to get things done at the office: Send out those emails, return those phone calls, hold meetings and get in touch with potential clients or associates. Your mind is alert and you're aware of social undertones, which means you can head off conflicts before they start and keep the group communicating smoothly. Plus, added bonus -- your busy, hardworking attitude and your ability to pull the team together and move forward on projects will impress your superiors! This is also a good time to get together with friends and loved ones. You're feeling chatty, but you're also perfectly willing to give others an opening to speak their mind. You're a good listener today, and you'll make them feel better for having expressed themselves to someone who really heard them.

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