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Moon sextile Mars

Get Physical

Kelli Fox

You've got lots of energy today -- sexual and otherwise. It's the perfect day to use your muscles and in so doing, to cleanse your mind and your emotions. If you have a honey in your life, this is the perfect day to get a little closer!

And if not, then get out into the world and expend your energy that way. Working out is a great idea now, either at the gym or out in nature. You're feeling upbeat, and you work equally well alone or in groups. This is the perfect time to schedule work meetings, because you'll get a lot done; you could also put some muscle and sweat into rearranging your office, if need be, or giving your home a complete cleanliness overhaul. But all work and no play just wouldn't be any fun, so get out on the town with friends, if possible. Playing a game or a team sport would be the perfect way to exercise your friendly feeling of competition. You want to win, but even more than that, you want to have a good time, and you want everyone around you to have fun as well. You relish the idea of a challenge now, so be strong, be fearless and have confidence that you can conquer everything you set your mind to today!

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