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Moon sextile Jupiter

Sincere and Affectionate

Kelli Fox

You wake up in a great mood today, ready for a successful day at work and a good time with friends or maybe even a new date. Make a connection with a potential business partner; the two of you will feel mutually engaged and supportive to each other, which will be an auspicious beginning to a new relationship. The same goes for social contacts as well; in short, this is your day to get out there and shine!

Group meetings are favored, as your team spirit is highlighted. You can rally the team and really get things cranking on a project -- and you can also impress your boss with your ability to lead a team and motivate everyone to do their best work. Project planning will go very well today; your vision and foresight are humming on high. You'll feel just as good at home as you do at work, warmly affectionate toward the people you live with. In general, all your relationships, be they personal or professional, will flow easily today. You're able to speak sincerely and affectionately with everyone around you, inspiring confidence and good will in your friends and coworkers. You're feeling enthusiastic and benevolent, so be sure to share the wealth.

Moon sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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