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Moon opposite Venus

Feeling moody? Take Some Me-Time

Kelli Fox

You might find that personal relationships get you a little down today, because you're feeling rather passive and would rather have other people do things for you than the other way around. If you're lucky enough to have someone in your life who likes to indulge you, call in your cards now. If not, or if you notice that you're moodier than usual today, just stay home and pamper yourself.

If you try to spend time with other people, you're likely to let them push all your buttons, ending in irritation and potential conflicts. That's right, you're the one who's going to let them do that to you -- because it's not that everyone's out to get you today, though at some point or other, that's the conclusion you're likely to make. Instead, it's that you're oversensitive and way needier than usual, and when the people around you don't toe the line you've drawn, you'll get fussy about it. Spending time alone is a way better way to avoid conflict now, but be careful not to overindulge in food and sweets. There are better ways to make yourself feel pampered and indulged! Try a long bubble bath instead, or an evening spent on the couch, remote control in hand.

Moon opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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