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Moon opposite Uranus

Not Your Usual Self

Kelli Fox

Yikes, are you ever sensitive! You're impulsive and excitable today, and not in a good way. You're oversensitive to the stimuli around you, and if you have to go to work or otherwise get out into the world, the day could really wear on you.

Anyone or anything that stands in your way will feel like a major obstruction -- one that you'll want to blast through by any means necessary. But don't go overboard. If you follow all your impulses today, you could end up getting into a serious confrontation with a coworker or even your boss, or with your sweetie or a roommate at home. Obviously, it's better to snap at the people who know and love you than at someone at work whom you need to impress; at least your long-term friends know how to handle your bad moods! But taking your frustrations out on them isn't a good idea, either. Good thing this transit only lasts a day! Because you could really burn some bridges before it's over. Try a little impulse-control, if at all possible. Remember that any snap judgments or decisions aren't likely to be good ones, and lashing out at the people around you will just create a mess you'll have to fix later.

Moon opposite Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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