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Moon opposite Sun

Emotional Tennis

Kelli Fox

Tennis, anyone? Emotional tennis, that is! You're volleying with your closest friends and relatives today, going back and forth over the silliest things.

Most of your responses will be overreactions, but you'll have a really hard time staying calm and objective enough to realize this. Instead, you're in defense mode, meeting everything that's coming your way as if it were an arrow -- deflecting it and sending back one of your own. With close friends and loved ones, the people who know you best, that's okay; you might both end up with hurt feelings, but this is a short transit and in a day or two you'll be feeling back to your old self again, ready to have more of a sense of humor about things. But at work and with people you don't know well yet, try your very hardest to keep a lid on it, even if they really get under your skin. Use a close friend as a sounding board before you spout off to your boss, your coworker or that new, cute person in your life. This is not to say that situations won't happen that genuinely merit hurt feelings or self-defense of some kind; it just means that you should be careful about how far you take it when you do stand up for your emotional rights.

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