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Moon opposite Saturn

Time to Lay Low

Kelli Fox

You'll probably feel isolated today, as if you just can't make the connections that you need and want to make. Whether or not that's true, you'll make sure it comes true -- unconsciously, of course. You'll seek out the less encouraging and inspiring people in your life, as a way of subconsciously giving credence to your current sense that life is drudgery -- your life, anyway.

And hey, maybe a day once in a while that's not good for much of anything but drudgery is a good thing. It will definitely make you appreciate it when, in a day or two, this heavy energy lifts, making way for connections and good feelings once again. For now, though, you may bog yourself down in negative thoughts; you could talk bad to yourself, or spend time with someone who does the job for you. Try not to take any setbacks today too much to heart, though you'll find it hard not to. Your best bet now is to buckle down on projects that you can work on alone; trudge through your responsibilities and your to-do list; and remind yourself that things probably aren't as bad as you think they are. Then, enjoy yourself tomorrow, when you're feeling more normal and upbeat again.

Moon opposite Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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