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Moon opposite Pluto

Under the Surface

Kelli Fox

Today, old issues and dark fears may surface, especially in your relationships. Instead of taking things at face value and dealing with people and situations in an aboveboard way, you're operating on a much deeper level at the moment, one of emotion, intuition, even suspicion. Anything or anyone that's attractive to you now is also a possible object of your obsession, because you're having trouble experiencing anything halfway.

If you're involved in a love affair, make sure you don't get too intense -- especially if the relationship is new! And at work, try not to become consumed with a particular idea or project. You'll have a hard time following anyone else's lead now, because this short transit makes you something of a loner, caught up in your own fantasies and your subjective experience of the world. But if you can, let go of the reins of control and let someone else take the helm, especially on projects that matter. Better yet, work alone now. Otherwise, you run the risk of scaring off a potential client, friend, ally or love interest.

Moon opposite Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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