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Moon opposite Neptune

Cloudy Vision

Kelli Fox

Today isn't the best day to make connections with others, because your mood is strange and your perceptions are off. You see what you want to see under the current influence, and you can never be quite sure if your vision is accurate. At work, you might misread your coworkers or associates on a project and end up trying to take things in the wrong direction.

With friends and loved ones, you won't be able to hear what they're actually saying, as you'll be too busy projecting what you think they're saying and feeling. It's all too possible now to misread someone or to send out the wrong signals their way, so regarding important projects, relationships and decisions, leave it for tomorrow if you can. Your perceptions should clear in a day or two, but today is all about confusion and difficulty in sussing out what's the right path or choice. If you do have to make a quick decision on something at the office or in your personal life, ask for the opinion of a trusted friend or coworker before you act. They could very well keep you from doing something you'll regret later.

Moon opposite Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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