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Moon opposite Mercury

Emotions Close to the Surface

Kelli Fox

Your logic flies right out the window today as old, buried emotions come to the surface. Insecurities, anxieties, feelings of inadequacy -- that's right, a big ol' bucket of fun to deal with! At least this transit only lasts a day.

And you could actually make some headway in putting those old, tired emotions to rest, once and for all. A long talk with a good friend about your feelings would be one good way to put the current energy to some positive use; another would be to write in your journal about everything you're thinking and feeling. Just make sure that you don't base any major decisions on the emotions that come up today, because you're in a highly subjective mind space. What seems true now could turn out to be total you-know-what tomorrow, so just keep your hat on. Expressing yourself is one thing; letting your emotions dictate a course of action is entirely another. Since clarity and logic are definitely not on your side at the moment, leave the negotiations and decision-making for another day. At work, if there's a project that needs serious attention, see if you can delegate to a coworker, or at least get their input on your progress.

Moon opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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