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Moon opposite Mars

Temper, temper!

Kelli Fox

Temper, temper! Everyone around you seems to be pressing your buttons -- or is it you, overreacting to anything and everything? Sorry to say, but it's probably the latter.

Other people are just going about their business, like normal; it's you that's feeling on edge, ready to hop up and confront anyone you think is looking at you the wrong way. At work and at home, little things about your coworkers or your honey will annoy the you-know-what out of you, and you'll want nothing more than to snap at them and put them in their place. But if you can possibly hold your temper in check, you'll be glad later that you did. Otherwise, you'll start a lot of fires that you'll just have to put out later, and that's no fun for anyone. At the office, your best bet is to work alone if possible. You're just not a team player today. At home, spend some time on your own, and by all means, get some exercise! An hour at the gym or out pounding the trail could really go a long way in getting your emotions back in order.

Moon opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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