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Moon opposite Jupiter

The Past Pushing You to the Future

Kelli Fox

You're probably in a good mood today, generous and outgoing. You want to treat the people around you, to show them how you feel about them, but be careful about offering your help or resources to someone who doesn't deserve them -- someone who could take advantage of you or drain you of everything you're so sweetly giving away. Your normal filters and boundaries aren't up today, so you could take a savior fantasy a little too far and end up trying to help out the wrong person.

On the other hand, though you're feeling generous, you're not in the mood to give anything to people who ask for it -- which can be a good thing or a not-so-good one. At work, especially, try to overcome your urge for independence if a coworker asks for help on a project or if a supervisor gives you a new task to complete. Your impulse will be to refuse it -- you want to chart your own course today -- but swallow your pride and get to work. Possessiveness from your sweetie also won't be tolerated today, but try to keep it in mind that they're just expressing that they care about you. You might overreact to something they don't even intend to put out in the first place.

Moon opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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