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Moon conjunct Venus

Love Is in the Air

Kelli Fox

Love is in the air today. Your social skills are enhanced, and you can listen in and draw people out of their shells. At business meetings, lunches with friends, even at parties or on a date with someone special, the people around you will look to you for that sweet energy you're currently spreading around, because you're really in a space to make everyone feel good.

You can help people to relax and loosen up, in whatever arena that's applicable today. Your artistic and creative side is also inspired today, so dress up a little more than usual, and make some positive changes in your home or office decor. As much as you can make the people around you feel good with your sweet, affectionate energy, you can make yourself feel good by sprucing things up. Think flowers for the office, a really nice meal cooked at home with someone you care about -- anything that will pick up your mood and help you appreciate the small pleasures that life has to offer.

Moon conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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