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Moon conjunct Sun

Moving Right Along

Kelli Fox

The affairs of your life should move along nicely for you today. You feel integrated, as though your head and heart have merged to create a perfectly clear mind. This is a good day to clarify your goals for the upcoming month, both at work and in your personal life.

Though you might be feeling more like being laid back than going for it -- whatever 'it' is -- this is still the perfect time for team meetings at work or get-togethers of a more social nature. Your good mood will infect everyone around you, putting them at ease and paving the way for a great experience all around. At work, you can help to facilitate a really good meeting where everyone can get a lot done, because you're able to intuit everyone's various agendas even better than usual, and you're interested in helping each and every one get what they came for. Not only will this make for a productive experience all around, your colleagues will remember your help and return the favor later. But you're not doing it for the promise of any returns; you're just feeling good, tuned in and wanting to spread the wealth. Enjoy this day of feeling good about yourself.

Moon conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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