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Moon conjunct Saturn

Hard Emotions

Kelli Fox

Emotionally, this might be one of the hardest days of the month. You're feeling lonely and isolated, full of sad or guilty feelings that you don't feel free to express and process through with a friend. Instead, you're more likely to keep them inside today and brood over them.

Just remember, things are rarely as bad as you think; whatever it is that's bothering you, it'll look a whole lot rosier in a day or two, when the current influence passes. But for now, you're stuck in it like quicksand. You might have trouble at home, with your family, your sweetie or your roommates. If your house doesn't feel like the safe haven that it usually does, try not to let that depress you too much; things will clear up soon, and you'll be able to make peace with your loved ones and relax at home again. Alternatively, you might want nothing more than to hole up in your bed for the whole day. If you can take the day off work and do just that, why not? Everyone needs a little R & R sometimes. You'll feel better tomorrow or the next day; today, baby yourself. With the emotional tension warring inside you, you need a little pampering on the outside to counterbalance things.

Moon conjunct Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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