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Moon conjunct Pluto

In Over Your Head

Kelli Fox

At work, a project could come up that both excites you and makes you uncomfortable. In your personal life, someone could push your buttons in such a way that brings something from your deep past back to life. Old feelings will come up now in a big way, and you'll be put into uncomfortable positions emotionally -- but positions that can really teach you something about yourself, if you let them.

In a personal relationship, you may be attracted to this strange feeling of emotional rawness and want to push things further, but pushing boundaries would be better reserved for a project, not a relationship. If you have something creative to work on, you can really take it far today -- you'll go places in your mind that you've never gone before. Obsessiveness is a possibility now -- another reason to try to take it easy in your personal relationships as well as at work. Take care not to scare someone away with your intensity.

Moon conjunct Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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