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Moon conjunct Neptune

Swayed by Emotion

Kelli Fox

Today your emotions are like a sponge, picking up everything around you -- your best friend's anxieties, poured out over lunch; your coworker's irritation at the current project... Whatever the people around you are feeling, you're picking up on it and feeling it inside yourself. You're incredibly sensitive and perceptive now -- but your perceptions aren't to be entirely trusted.

See, you're getting all your signals and messages on an emotional plane, and logic or reason don't even come into it. For that reason, don't try to do any type of sleuthing today, because you probably won't come up with the right answers. Instead, put your compassion to use: Take that worried friend out for a heart-to-heart over lunch, and talk to your coworker about their feelings. You're highly compassionate now, and you can spread some of that wealth around and make everyone feel a little bit better. Or, if you feel more like being alone, you can indulge in some serious fantasy time, because your imagination is really colorful now! Just don't convince yourself that fantasy and reality are the same. As long as you can separate the two (which will be difficult!), you'll be fine.

Moon conjunct Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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