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Moon conjunct Mercury

Emotional Thinking

Kelli Fox

Your thinking and communicating will be emotionally based today, which often results in muddled logic. Expressing yourself could be difficult -- unless you're talking about your emotions. For that reason, this is a great day to write in your journal, talk to a friend or your therapist, write a poem, do some painting -- anything to express yourself in a creative way.

Working through some personal emotional issues would also be a really good idea today, because you're so emotionally expressive -- and there's something from your past that's coming up into the present. Is it an old, worn-out pattern of behavior in relationships, or feelings of insecurity or inadequacy that are based in your childhood? Whatever it is, you can get a jump on dealing with it now. Open that journal! Call that counselor or best friend! Do what you need to do to get these feelings out into the open, exposed to the healing light of day. Furthermore, this energy is great for connecting on an emotional level with someone you care about. Just remember, your logic isn't in place at the moment; everything you experience now is subjective. Wait until tomorrow to make any big, life-altering decisions.

Moon conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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