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Moon conjunct Mars

Emotion and Passion Merge

Kelli Fox

You're not running on the smoothest emotional keel today, so watch yourself at work, with your friends, at the grocery store -- anyplace where you're interacting with other people who might get on your nerves and set you off. You may think you're feeling fine, but then suddenly you'll shift into irritation mode and you might snap at someone without meaning to. So instead of creating messes that you'll just have to clean up tomorrow or the next day, when this energy passes, why not try to deal with people calmly?

'Rationally' might be a bit of a tall order now, but you can try anyway! On the other hand, if someone near you is causing real problems, the current energy might be just what you need to help you stand up for yourself and your rights. If so, just make sure that it's a battle worth fighting. Furthermore, try not to make any big, permanent decisions today. Again, you're feeling impulsive and your perceptions aren't quite as clear as usual; you might end up taking a risk that doesn't pay off, or making a change that you'll regret tomorrow.

Moon conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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