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Moon conjunct Jupiter

An Expanding Universe

Kelli Fox

You feel great today -- you're in a good mood, you're full of energy and you've got a smile for everyone whose path you come across. Any anxieties you've been suffering lately seem to just melt in the sun. You even feel like it's a sunny day if it's utterly dreary out!

That's just the kind of mood you're in. So use this energy to really get something done, whatever it is. A good place to start is to choose that task that you've been avoiding lately -- cleaning the house, finishing up that project at work, having a talk with your boss or your sweetie... Whatever it is, you can approach it with fresh eyes and energy today, and the outcome is much more likely to be positive for you. You're feeling so expansive that you're more willing to compromise than usual, so now's a great time to work something out with a friend or associate. You'll make them feel like they're getting their due, and in turn, they'll want to work with you. Sort of a you-scratch-my-back, I'll-scratch-yours kind of arrangement. Above all, have a great time today! You can really spread the wealth of your good feelings to everyone around you. You might overeat or spend too much, but hey -- it's just one day.

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