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Mercury trine Mercury

A Fresh Perspective

Kelli Fox

You're perceptive and playful for the next several days during this delightful transit. Your mind is stimulated with curiosity and fresh insights, delightfully pulling together facts and figures that may not seem to belong together, but which you somehow manage to weave together into wonderful new concepts. This fresh perspective helps you at work, particularly in meetings with others.

You're a particularly clear communicator this week, not only imparting your own ideas with panache and finesse but demonstrating the ability to mind read other people in the room too. Somehow you're able now to grasp and articulate their ideas even when they're not able to themselves! Study, research, writing, outlining task lists for projects -- you handle it all with professionalism and ease this week. And when work is done, don't forget your friends! There's no better time to hook up with a group socially, what with your gift of the gab and your ability to connect with friends new and old. Play word games and do puzzles, too. You're sure to win!

Mercury trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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