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Mercury trine Jupiter

Funny and Kind

Kelli Fox

Lively conversation will be your M.O. this week, and one that will get you far. You'll charm others with your gallant ways and inspired confidence, which somehow seem to encourage others and increase their own optimism level, too.

You are truly able to communicate your good will and positive intentions in such a way as to inspire everyone around you, and thus your positivity radiates out far beyond your personal circle. You speak with conviction now, commanding attention and elevating the purpose and integrity of everything you touch. You have a way with words and your natural teaching ability is highlighted this week, so don't hesitate to take on a mentoring role to a younger or more inexperienced person. Somehow your humorous side is activated under this influence, enabling you to see things in a funny new way that you haven't noticed before. Even people who never have before are suddenly appreciating your jokes! You feel a lot of mental freedom this week, traveling far in your mind if not in body; in fact, this is an outstanding time to travel, because your curiosity is aroused and your ability to connect with others is increased.

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  1. Paul on October 3, 2018 at 12:59 am

    Thank you for your forecast. It seems very much like me and I look forward to impacting others in the way you projected.

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