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Mercury sextile Pluto

Mental Tenacity

Kelli Fox

You're a paragon of virtue when it comes to focus and concentration this week. You simply will not be distracted from the task you're attending to, whether that be an important project at work or setting the table for dinner. Your mind is clear, strong and purposeful.

You're alert, even to the smallest things, which you know can hold great meaning and power. This is an outstanding time to perform research, to probe into matters you'd usually prefer to avoid, to investigate or dig around to find answers that satisfy you. Your powers of persuasion are strong now, a gift that you can use to further yourself in your career as well as in other parts of your life. You know exactly how to ask for something in such a way as to receive it. This is a fine time to take a friendship to a new, deeper level, or to communicate your deepest and most intimate thoughts and feelings to someone important in your life. They will understand you much better if you can express these things. Take advantage of any opportunity to investigate and explain emotional or psychological situations that still affect your relationships.

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