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Mercury sextile Mars


Kelli Fox

Mental and physical energies combine this week to make you a dynamo. You feel youthful and energetic, more alive than you have in months. You're clear-headed and quick-witted, active and smart.

You're thinking and expressing yourself with clarity, speaking with conviction and successfully infusing your comments with jokes and humor. You even put your money where your mouth is by following through on all your promises without delay. Ideas flow easily from your brain out of your mouth or fingers in eloquent language, logical and sensible. Your enthusiastic delivery easily convinces others of your ideas, so this is an excellent time for sales and marketing, promoting yourself or making announcements. People will pay attention to your ideas and want to join your endeavors, something to take advantage of! Don't forget to keep up your exercise. You'll be so full of energy that it will likely be a necessity anyway, and you might even work out a little longer than usual to provide more of a physical outlet for your mental energy.

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