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Mercury opposite Venus

Ideas Versus Ideals

Kelli Fox

Your head and your heart may not quite align this week. You may find that some of your thoughts and conclusions don't exactly coincide with what you believe in your heart of hearts. It's possible that this could come to your attention through a discussion, or even an argument, with another person over principles and ideals -- what's convenient versus what's right.

You may even have trouble arguing effectively, confusing the matter by not listening well or projecting your own beliefs or thoughts onto the other person. Misunderstandings are sure to result when this is the case, because you just can't seem to hear what the other person is actually saying! Pile this on top of your own cloudy judgment, and you've got a recipe for a real quarrel. It's not necessary, though. For one thing, this influence is short, lasting only a few days. For another, now that you're aware that misunderstandings are in the weather forecast, keep your umbrella handy. If you see that a conversation is turning into an argument, agree to disagree early on, or to take up the matter later when you've had more time to think about it.

Mercury opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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