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Mercury opposite Uranus

Devil's Advocate

Kelli Fox

You're likely to take the opposing viewpoint this week in any discussion, even if you don't believe it, just for the sake of the argument, which you find quite stimulating now -- especially when the other person gets really angry, and you remain maddeningly detached. One might describe you as erratic or even unstable this week, although that's not your usual mode of behavior. You've got lots of nervous energy and have a hard time keeping still or staying on task.

Getting out for a brisk walk is a good outlet and will discharge some of that nervousness. Instead of engaging in arguments, try debating or playing a game online, especially if it involves more than two people. Don't make any long-term decisions at this time, because your mind is too erratic. You could easily regret decisions you make now, after you change your mind -- again! -- but find that it's too late to alter your agreement or back out of it. You'll feel impatient and high strung, which is to be expected with this short-term influence, so give yourself plenty of rope. Don't burn your bridges behind you.

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