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Mercury opposite Sun

Miscommunication Blues

Kelli Fox

Don't be surprised if you have a misunderstanding or miscommunication with a significant other during the next few days, whether it's with your boss, sweetie, an important friend or even an authority figure. This transit indicates that you're neither speaking nor listening with your usual attention to detail. You may think you're saying your piece clearly, only to find out later that the other person completely misconstrued what you were trying to say.

The opposite can happen, too: You're sure you've heard and understood what someone else is trying to say to you, only to discover that you weren't on the same wavelength after all, and what they said or meant was nothing close to what you heard. The solution to these communication blues? Listen with extreme care. Rephrase what you think you heard, so you give your conversation partner a chance to clarify anything you don't understand. Ask them to do the same. Taking a few simple steps like these will go far in reducing the miscommunications that are possible during this influence.

Mercury opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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