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Mercury opposite Mars

Bumping Heads

Kelli Fox

This week, you could very easily butt heads with someone else as headstrong and opinionated as you are. Whereas you normally would back down from stupid challenges, these days you have a harder time discerning the stupid ones from the worthy ones, and this probably won't work to your advantage. Hotheaded and impulsive, you can thoughtlessly lash out at just about anyone, offending others and even causing an emotional mess that you'll have to clean up later with abject apologies and promises that you'll never act that way again.

And let's face it, you're not proud of yourself after you've gone off on someone like that. Far better to gracefully bow out, unless your life -- or someone else's -- depends on it. So, make a decision before the situation arises that you'll consciously avoid arguments, especially with anyone who's feeling right and righteous. Acknowledge that you're never going to convince them and they're never going to convince you, so it's useless to waste your breath arguing. Keeping your opinion to yourself is the best way to avoid the negative manifestations of this influence.

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