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Mercury opposite Jupiter


Kelli Fox

Just as an interesting experiment, try this the next time you're having a conversation: When you start talking, check the clock. When you stop talking, check the clock. If more than one minute has elapsed, you're probably talking too much.

Yes, sixty seconds is generally the maximum length of time you (or anyone) should spend speaking at one stretch. This week, you may be hard-pressed to keep that limit in mind, because you feel really chatty now, particularly one-to-one conversations. When you do converse, try to keep some sense of proportion. Instead of just flapping your lips, try turning your ears toward your partner. Share the microphone. Don't hog the entire conversation, and you can actually do a lot to further the success of your relationship by following these simple steps. When it's your turn to talk, don't exaggerate what you're saying, or play any type of one-upmanship with your buddy; keep it straightforward, honest and simple. Your ideas are really rather grand at this time, and it's fun to express them, but most likely it will be difficult to bring them into reality.

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