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Mercury conjunct Venus

Lovely Eloquence

Kelli Fox

This week gives you an outstanding opportunity to express your affection to those dear to you, both near and far. Don't limit the form of your communication. Write a love letter to your beloved, or make a list of things you want in a lover.

Pick up the phone and call someone special. Send out some emails. Resurrect the old-fashioned art of letter writing; it means more now than ever before to pick up a pen and paper and actually take the time to write a missive to someone far away. In all forms of communication, you'll find that you're more eloquent than usual, easily able to express your feelings of love and affection, which will bring a smile to the faces and joy to the hearts of the lucky recipients of your tender feelings. Remember, this isn't just about romantic love. It's all about genuine emotions. This is also an excellent time to enter into agreements and contracts, because they're likely to be beneficial to both parties. You're idealistic now, seeing the best in everyone, which makes your communications very positive and uplifting.

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