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Mercury conjunct Uranus

Thinking on Your Feet

Kelli Fox

Others around you will be hard-pressed to keep up with you this week, because your mental processes and your speech patterns exceed the speed of light. You're quite quirky in your thinking, hooking up different subjects in new and unusual ways, cleverly connecting dots and keeping everyone on their toes with your often silly or lighthearted announcements. Fortunately, you're blessed with an unusually strong sense of humor this week, so not only will you keep them listening, you'll keep them laughing too.

Later on, people are going to recognize how ahead of the curve you were, as they watch one unlikely prediction after another come true. Spending lots of time on your computer or using any type of technology this week is a great idea. You'll practically be inside the machine, you understand it so well. Installing software, learning new features and getting new gadgets are all favored at this time. Flashes of inspiration are another common occurrence under this influence, so keep your notebook handy to record all your crazy ideas. In the future they may not seem quite so kooky!

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