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Mercury conjunct Sun

Messenger of the Gods

Kelli Fox

For several days, your whole being will be imbued with curiosity, excitement and nervousness. Your mind will be spinning with new ideas and amazing connections because your perceptions will be stimulated in a way that happens only once a year or so. You'll think and talk faster than usual, multitasking like nobody's business; this is one of those times when you can answer email, place online orders, watch a TV show and cook dinner all at the same time!

You'll even hate to go to sleep at night because you're afraid you might miss something. Fortunately, your physical energy will be amped up, too, so your body has a better chance of keeping up with your mind. You'll definitely have the gift of the gab this week, so keep your cell phone handy and watch those minutes. This is a great time to keep connected with all your social contacts. Networking at your place of employment will really pay off, too, as you pass information along quite effectively to those who need it -- something they'll remember when you need something from them at a future date.

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