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Mercury conjunct Neptune

You Only Sound Confused

Kelli Fox

It will be futile for you to try to explain yourself today. Even though you think you're saying all the right things, other people will just give you confused, questioning looks. Part of the problem is that you're trying to talk about things that don't really lend themselves to description: your highest ideals, your visions of the past, present and future, and your realm of possibilities.

The other problem is that you're just not as articulate as usual. Words escape you and you forget important concepts. With this in mind, postpone any important meetings you have this week for a few days later, when you'll be of clearer mind. If meetings or appointments are unavoidable, speak in short sentences and short words: This will help keep you on the subject and prevent you from wandering. Your intuitive mind is very open and accepting now, so it's a good time for spiritual practices and doing creative writing. Don't get swept off your feet by some new idealistic teaching; it's okay to look into things, but don't make any commitments until next week when you're thinking more clearly.

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