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Mercury conjunct Mercury

Connecting the Dots

Kelli Fox

Once every year or so, a few days roll around when you feel perfectly aligned in mind and body, when your thoughts all make sense, you communicate with clarity and purpose, and you're able to connect the dots with an ease that amazes you and everyone around you. Your curiosity is aroused and your mental speed helps you research and pick up new concepts quickly, and also assists you in incorporating new information with existing knowledge, so you build new additions on established structures. Even your intuition is highlighted now, giving you insight into how disparate ideas connect together, helping you to grasp what another person is saying even if they don't express themselves perfectly.

Somehow you are able to get inside their head to figure out what they want to say. You're able to juggle facts and figures, giving extra-special attention to detail, organization and accuracy. This is an excellent time to research, to write reports and analysis or to enter into business and commercial contracts.

Mercury conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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