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Mars trine Venus

Advances in Relationship

Kelli Fox

Love and physical affection are at the forefront during this three-week period. The current energy heightens your sexual passions, but not in a way that you can't handle, or that will get you into trouble. Instead, this is just a really nice time to show someone how you feel about them -- physically, if possible.

If you're single, that might not be possible, and that's okay; you can easily and happily redirect your passions and accomplish an amazing amount of work. If your work is creative, this could be an especially productive time for you. But if you do have a steady partner, don't waste this opportunity to seduce them with your love! You can spread your good energy to the people around you, sparking up the good times for everyone. Fun social events are also highlighted at this time, as is your creativity. So don't stay home alone, especially if you're romantically unattached. Get out on the town; throw a party, or attend one; go to a nightclub and get hot and sweaty out on the dance floor with your friends. Who knows? Maybe you'll run into someone cute, with promise! And if not, you'll still have a memorable experience that you can look back on with a grin.

Mars trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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