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Mars trine Uranus

Incorporating Changes

Kelli Fox

You may find yourself in some unusual places during the three weeks of this transit, and you'll love all the new experiences and people that come into your life at this time! Your physical energy is up but not uncontrolled, and you're feeling frisky in the best way. Use this time to try some new physical activity you've never attempted before, or maybe some new tricks in bed that will totally surprise your partner.

You're like a brand-new you, full of imagination and the impish energy to carry out all your spontaneous fantasies. At work, you can bring a really fresh perspective to the projects you're working on, and you might even catch your boss's eye in a very favorable way. But the most fun you'll have during this transit will probably be outside of work. You want to do something new and fun with your friends, or maybe with someone new. Blind dates would be a great activity for you now. Instead of feeling nervous at the prospect of an evening spent with someone completely unknown, you're ready for anything -- bring it on! You're not scared of the unknown; in fact, you embrace it. Use this energy to make some wonderful changes in the status quo of your life.

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