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Mars trine Saturn

Energetic But Focused

Kelli Fox

You're energetic but focused during this transit, assertive but reasonable. You know what needs to be done, at work and at home, and you're willing to do it. You're focused on doing solid work that will last, and on making good connections that you and the other person, be they a friend, client, associate or potential lover, can both feel good about.

Things may not move quickly now for you, but that's okay; it's better sometimes to work slowly and steadily on your projects than to try to inject things with artificial energy and excitement. The effort you'll put in now is plenty good enough. Physically, your energy is up but not too far, so be diligent about your exercise program. Don't skip any days right now, because you not only need the outlet for your energy, you need the boost. As odd or counterintuitive as it may seem, using your body actually increases your energy reserves instead of depleting them, so it's okay to push yourself at least a little bit right now. In general, you've got a great ability to make a sensible, achievable plan of action for the coming months, in your work, your budget, your exercise or studying routine, or what have you. Stay the course.

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