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Mars trine Pluto

Implementing Changes

Kelli Fox

Your physical energies are high and your ambitions strong during these few weeks. You're in touch with your goals and you've got the energy necessary to move toward them in leaps and bounds, making this an excellent time to implement changes in your life. So, think for a moment about what those goals and changes might be.

Whatever you've been fantasizing about doing -- going after a promotion, trying out a new, amped-up exercise routine, taking up a team sport -- now you can make it happen. And you can be more aggressive and proactive about making changes within yourself, too. Take a good look at yourself: Is there anything about your personality or the way you handle your work, your relationships or your life in general that you'd like to work on and eventually change? Do you have a bad habit that you'd like to give up for good? Start the process now! You've got energy and drive, and the creativity it takes to make good, solid changes that will stand the test of time. Don't keep this hardworking energy to yourself, either: Do something that provides real help to others, just for the satisfaction of doing it. You'll feel wonderful afterwards.

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    Excellent, had I only the energy…….but thanks a million

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