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Mars trine Mercury

Connecting the Dots

Kelli Fox

You're quick on your feet at this time, able to see and absorb information and to articulate your views passionately and convincingly. You'll make a wonderful impression on potential clients or business associates, as well as on the people who already know you. And if there's someone special on the horizon, now is definitely the time to call them up or send them a friendly email, because you're expressing yourself well and you're spreading good energy everywhere you go!

Meetings that involve business dealings and negotiations will go very smoothly for you, and your impassioned and inspired comments will win their confidence and commitment. At the same time, your mind is open to learning, so you are able to listen as well as speak. This would be a good time to attend a workshop or conference in your area of specialty, or perhaps to learn something about a closely related field. You're able to connect the dots, so to speak, and will find practical and useful ways of using new information. Mental work in general is favored now. You're more organized and efficient than usual, so get your office in order and flesh out plans you've previously sketched out.

Mars trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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