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Mars trine Mars

Assertive But Not Overbearing

Kelli Fox

Physical energy and initiative run high at this time. You can use this enterprising spirit to accomplish a great deal of hard work, either individually or in a team effort. A project that allows you to display your leadership abilities is a great idea now, because you're naturally charismatic and you know just what needs to be done -- and you can easily impress your boss and your coworkers by being proactive about your work.

It would also be a good idea to step up your exercise routine during these weeks, because you can really use the outlet for this currently dynamic energy. And after all, using energy on the treadmill or the basketball court actually creates more, so you'll be able to prolong all the wonderful effects of this period if you stay physically active. And feel free to get creative about it. Switch things up in your daily routine; take a gym break in the middle of the day to break up your work, or ask a friend to take a fast-paced walk with you in the morning. If you're partnered, now's the perfect time to steer them into the bedroom for a long, fun romp! You're vigorous and untiring during this period, so don't waste this valuable energy.

Mars trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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