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Mars trine Jupiter

Creating Your Own Good Luck

Kelli Fox

Your physical and mental energies are strong and lively during this three-week period, and what you do isn't nearly as important as the fact that you're doing something positive. Translation: This is no time to park yourself in front of the TV for some zone-out time! These few weeks are for activity, socializing and boosting your personal growth.

You'll enjoy exercising, sports and sex even more than usual, so get out on the court with your coworkers for a pickup game, or behind closed doors with your honey for a little one-on-one action! Just putting in the effort will reap amazing results -- opportunities that you'll think are lucky breaks, when really they're the result of you getting out there and making life happen instead of letting it pass you by. For example, at work, you'll put in even more work than usual, which will impress your boss -- who just might turn around and offer you a raise or a promotion. Out on the softball field or the basketball court, you'll pull more than your weight, helping secure a victory -- and all your friends will cheer you on, making you feel great! This period is all about high energy and good times, so enjoy yourself.

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