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Mars square Venus

Coming on Too Strong

Kelli Fox

Chances are good that you'll meet with frustration and denial during this three-week period. You may feel as if your needs aren't being met, and you'll argue with your sweetie about whether the two of you are holding up your ends of the relationship. If you're single, this could come out simply in a sense of frustration -- a strong yearning to be with someone, but an equally strong feeling that it just can't happen right now.

Maybe you've got way too much going on in your life to make room for a relationship, or maybe you're doing your darnedest to make something happen, and you just get thwarted at every turn. It can be really frustrating to go out on date after date and have nothing come of it, or to lie in bed at night, alone, really wishing there were someone special by your side. But just remember that this, too, shall pass. This period is over in a few short weeks, and things will ease up again; so until then, just try to stay calm! Avoid coming on too strong with a potential lover, because that will only turn them off and make them not want to come back for more -- exactly the opposite of what you want to happen.

Mars square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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