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Mars square Sun

You Won't Back Down

Kelli Fox

You're likely to feel restless and irritable during this couple of weeks, and prone to arguments and disagreements. Part of the problem is that now more than usual, you've got your back up; you won't back down, no matter what, even if it means going up against your boss or someone else you'd do best not to tick off. You'd even mouth off to a police officer giving you a traffic ticket during this period, just to show who's boss!

But you're not the boss; right now, you don't even have a whole lot of credibility, and you'd do best to realize that before you go burning some major bridges. Don't put your job or your reputation in jeopardy by acting like a you-know-what; take your attitude and your ego in hand and exercise some control! Speaking of exercise -- since you'll be getting into it right and left with whoever crosses your path, you could build up a lot of tension inside, so don't let your exercise routine slip. You need that outlet; otherwise, you'll be a ball of nervous, angry tension in three weeks' time, when the current energy finally blows over. But take care not to push it too hard at the gym, because you could strain a muscle or a tendon if you're too aggressive in your movements.

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