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Mars square Saturn

Limited by Circumstances

Kelli Fox

You want to get things started during this transit, but you want to do it yourself -- which isn't always the best way to get a project off the ground. And if anyone presses you, you'll balk, making the situation worse. You might feel pressed by authority figures, such as bosses, parents or teachers, to state your plan of action during this period, and though you may feel resentful that they're pressuring you, you know in your heart of hearts that they're perfectly in the right.

You could feel inadequate in some way, vulnerable and insecure about your ability to move yourself along or create the life you're looking for. These types of feelings will come to the surface now, in an uncomfortable way. You're wanting to move faster than circumstances permit, and this frustrates you and makes you even more impatient than you're already feeling. And instead of owning up to your insecurities about your performance on the job or at home, you'll toss around bravado and attitude, and bristle whenever anyone tries to break through your defenses. But don't worry; this energy will blow over in a few weeks, and you'll feel more like yourself again.

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