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Mars square Pluto

Squaring Off

Kelli Fox

These few weeks should be interesting, but not necessarily in a good way. No matter how laid back you are normally, you've got a chip on your shoulder now and you're just waiting for someone -- anyone -- to knock it off, so you can start up a fight. This might be overt or subtle, but however it happens, you'll be getting into power struggles left and right.

You might find yourself pitting your will against a coworker or even your boss, or taking out your inner tension on your friends and family; you might even eye the guy lifting weights next to you at the gym, fantasizing about taking him on in a battle of strength and endurance! The point is, right now you're seeing threats where none exist, and you're taking things personally that aren't meant that way. Your aggression is at the forefront and you're just itching to do something with it. Your best bet is to do something constructive: build something with your hands; increase your fitness routine; do yard work, go running, play some racquetball... Whatever it takes, get that energy out! If you make it an activity that only you can do, and do well, you'll feel better about yourself and your life in general.

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