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Mars square Neptune

Low Energy, Big Escape

Kelli Fox

Your energy is low during this transit; you could have trouble just dragging yourself out of bed, because you're feeling pessimistic about life in general. Suddenly, everything you've been working toward seems hopelessly out of reach. Even if things have been going well at home or at work, you can't drum up any optimism.

All of a sudden you can see the cracks in the foundation of your life instead of the integrity of the entire structure, and the thought of failure scares you. Whatever real success you've reached so far suddenly seems not to matter; everything in your life that you thought was solid is suddenly exposed as shaky at best, and you're convinced that things are going to go from bad to worse. You might even realize that this is all in your head, and not the way things really are, but you can't seem to make this feeling of unease go away! So why not just take it easy for a few weeks? Try not to let yourself feel too bad; whenever a negative thought pops into your head, just gently tell yourself that everything's going to be fine -- because it is -- and things will sort themselves out soon enough. And they will. In a few weeks, your normal confidence will return.

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